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uplink game, mouse can't click bottom-right side in linux

I encounter problem that mouse pointer cant go right-bottom side(you can make it visible with +softwaremouse option). i can click upper-left side, i can register agent or take actions. althought, because of right-bottom exit button and uplink's key action hook, i cant close game window. i open new tty and kill it.

it might be uplink's bug, window size setting. you, should launch with setting window size using xrandr.

with this preprocess, i can play uplink.

$ xrandr --output eDP1 --mode 1024x768
$ ./uplink.bin.x86_64


before this finding, someone said in forum, "you should use beta version". so i use beta version.

Linux 3.17.4
uplink 1.6

finally, sorry my poor english.